RV's and Campers

Tire Medic's Pro-Seal is a tire tread sealant that for all types of tires including RVs, campers, ATVs, off-road vehicles and golf carts. It repairs and prevents flat tires, seals minor cracks in sidewalls, and continuously self-seals punctures of up to one half of an inch in diameter. It stops valve leaks and leaks between the bead and rim. Tire Medic's Pro-Seal washes out of tires easily, making tire repair jobs time-efficient and safe for you and our planet.

How Tire Medic's Pro-Seal Tire Tread Sealant And Conditioner Works: When a puncture occurs, the rotation of the tire and centrifugal force together with the internal pressure of the tire carry the product to the point of air loss, where the fibers contained in the product knit together, forming a mechanical plug. The rotation and flexing of the tire continue the integration of the product and the tire.


Tire Medic's Pro-Seal tire tread sealant stabilizes air pressure in the tire, resulting in improved tire balance, increasing vehicle safety and reducing tire wear. The components of Pro-Seal reduce the operating temperature of the tire. By maintaining the optimal level of inflation, Pro-Seal improves vehicle fuel economy. Most importantly, our product seals the overwhelming majority of tread punctures that measure up to 3/8 of an inch. All these benefits can be enjoyed for the life of the tire.


Tire Medic's Pro-Seal tire tread sealant is installed quickly and easily, either directly from our 32 oz poly bottle or from our 5 Gallon Pail, or 55 Gallon Drum or 250 gallon tote  bulk container by means of a hand pump. After the valve core has been removed. Tire Medic can also be installed by breaking the bead of the tire from the rim and inserting Tire Medic's tire sealant directly into the tire.

Pro-Seal is introduced into the tire cavity through the valve stem in precise volumes as dictated by the size and application for which the tire is being used. The improvement to any imbalance is the result of the hydro-dynamics associated with the rotation of the liquid in the casing. Proper attention to instructions will greatly assist in gaining maximum results from Pro-Seal.

RV's and Campers