Rim-Tite Casing And Rim Protection

With the introduction of Rim-Tite Casting And Rim Protection, we at All Seal Corp are redefining performance in retread casings. Rim-Tite is a liquid material that, when dispensed into the tire cavity in recommended volumes, will extend casing life and performance.

The purpose of our product is to extend casing life, control rim rust, optimize vehicle performance, and improve casing readability.

Rim-Tite maintains the pliable nature of the casing and inner liner. It restricts air loss due to porosity and vent leaks. The lubricating qualities of Rim-Tite facilitate the easy removal of casings from rims. It also provides protection against rust and the oxidation of aluminum.

  • -Balances the tire
  • -Saves on wear and tear
  • -Extends tread life
  • -Tires run up to 25% cooler
  • -Prevents Bead Leaks

Rim-Tite Casing And Rim Protection remains fluid through extreme changes in temperature down to -40 degrees Celsius. It acts as a thermal coolant. It will not corrode magnesium or aluminum wheels. It is water-soluble and has a pH factor of 8.6 (considered neutral). It is environmentally safe and non-flammable.

Rim-Tite is safe and easy to install. It provides easier mounts and dismounts. It improves tire balance. It is most effective in tubeless tires.

Rim-Tite Casing And Rim Protection is available in the following quantities:
5 gallon pail, 55 gallon drums, and 275 gallon tote.

Note: Rim-Tite Casing And Rim Protection is NOT A SEALANT. It must be applied in recommended volumes to provide cooling, rust control, and the sealing of minor porosity in metal rims. Severe service applications may require an additional 10 percent added to the volumes specified above.