Heavy Duty Tire Sealant

Tire Medic's Pro-Seal-Plus is a heavy duty tire sealant. It is a formulation of our Tire Medic's product which contains a higher concentration of fiber to provide a more viscous material to deal effectively with larger punctures. Depending on the level of damage, Pro-Seal-Plus either seals the puncture on a long-term basis or, in the event of extensive damage, Pro-Seal-Plus will reduce excessive air loss to a degree that will allow the tire to be brought to a convenient location for repair.

How it works:

When a puncture occurs, the rotation of the tire and the centrifugal force together with the internal pressure of the tire carry the product to the point of air loss, where the fibers contained in the product knit together, forming a permanent mechanical plug. The rotation and flexing of the tire continue the integration of the product and tire.


  • -Water-soluble
  • -Remains fluid in an enclosed environment
  • -Non-corrosive
  • -Does not bond to tire casing
  • -Environmentally safe
  • -Remains liquid down to -50º F
  • -Non-flammable
  • -Durable and thoroughly tested
  • -TPMS Friendly
  • -Balances the tire
  • -Saves on wear and tear
  • -Extends tread life
  • -Balances the tire
  • -Saves on wear and tear
  • -Extends tread life
  • -Tires run up to 25% cooler
  • -Prevents Bead Leaks


Tire Medic's Pro-Seal-Plus heavy duty tire sealant permanently seals punctures that measure up to 1/2 of an inch. It seals punctures that are larger than 1/2 of an inch for a length of time sufficient to allow transportation of the vehicle to a place where changing or repairing the tire is convenient.