Golf Carts And Recreational Vehicles

Golf course and university employees often do not think of golf carts as they do other vehicles, but improperly maintained golf carts can pose serious threats. In truth golf fleets are driven more than car fleets, and thus their tires require more maintenance than most golf course or university employees realize. Improperly maintained golf cart tires can be damaged easily, resulting in injuries and insurance claims. This is why fleet garage managers turn to Tire Medic's Pro-Seal to protect and maintain their fleet.

Tire Medic's Pro-Seal is a non-aqueous, fully biodegradable tire tread sealant and conditioner that works in all weather and climates and is suitable for all types of tires. It works especially well with the tires on frequently used golf carts. It repairs and prevents flat tires, seals minor cracks in sidewalls, and continuously self-seals punctures of up to one half of an inch in diameter. It stops valve leaks and leaks between the bead and rim. Tire Medic's Pro-Seal washes out of tires easily, making tire repair jobs time-efficient and environmentally safe for your personnel and our planet. If in the start of Texas Pro-Seal-Plus can be used to prevent tire deflation as Texas is well known for the large thorns that will puncture tires.

How Tire Medic's Pro-Seal Tire Tread Sealant And Conditioner Works:

When a puncture occurs, the rotation of the tire and centrifugal force together with the internal pressure of the tire carry the product to the point of air loss, where the fibers contained in the product knit together, forming a mechanical plug. The rotation and flexing of the tire continue the integration of the product and the tire.


Tire Medic's Pro-Seal tire tread sealant and conditioner stabilizes air pressure in the tire, resulting in improved tire wear. Most importantly, our product seals the overwhelming majority of tread punctures that measure up to 3/8 of an inch. All these benefits can be enjoyed for the life of the tire. This saves fleet garage managers time and money.

Gold Carts And Recreational Vehicles