Tire Mounting Lubricant

The trucks and buses that carry products and people all around the world are indispensable to the economy, but their damage to the planet has been severe, not only from emissions, but also from the millions of worn-out tires that used to be discarded in wrecking yards and local landfills. No more. Thanks to Tire Medic's Ezy-Bead tire mounting lubricant, tire casings can now be reused with ease, saving money and material. Now the planet comes first, and new technologies make it possible to retread tires not just once but many times over. Tire Medic's Ezy-Bead is the preferred choice for retread manufacturers who value not just cost and time savings, but protecting the earth as well.

How it works:

Tire Medic's Ezy-Bead tire mounting lubricant aids in tire mounting and dismounting by keeping the tire bead slippery and pliable. It prevents the tire and rim from sticking together. It is safe, easily applied and ready to use.


  • -Non-toxic
  • -Water-soluble
  • -Non-flammable
  • -ready to use
  • -Protects against bead damage due to adhesion
  • -dries, eliminating tire slippage on the rim


Tire Medic's Ezy-Bead tire mounting lubricant greatly reduces bead damage due to adhesion between the bead and rim. It will not cause the rims to rust. During tire changes, it helps the bead pop and center onto the rim. It reduces friction between the bead and rim during changes, saving wear and repair costs on tire changers. It will not corrode or discolor aluminum or alloy wheels. The components of the product will not separate under normal conditions. It helps to create a good seal between the tire and rim WITHOUT bonding them together. It can be used for mounting tires on many types of